Coro merupakan bahasa jawa dari kecoak, omong coro bermakna omongan ngelantur tapi dapat dinyatakan jujur. Maka ketenangan serupa apa lagi yang dicari di dunia yang fana ini selain kejujuran. Tulisan berikut merupakan contoh dari omong coro.

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Wednesday 17 October 2018

Behind of Beautiful Great Malang

Malang is the beautiful city with many beautiful panorama. But you know the great Malang (Malang Raya) is combination two city and one counties. If you went to Malang maybe your travel agent only call it Malang. They are not explain batu city, malang city and malang county.
Okey, we don’t issue this point. But only explain if you have been journey on beautiful beach in Malang, it’s malang county not malang city. If you look what the wonderfully mountain panderman, It’s on Batu City the highest of all three regional.
But you know, behind the beauty of Malang there are several corruption cases are revealed. On the last year county government of three regional head got the police for corruption. It’s the poor region like the literally name for Malang.
Not enough with the corruption regional head, Aremania (the biggest supporter football club from malang) convicted should not enter stadium. It’s the punishment from indonesia football organization because the chairman of supporter do something lead to the racist. Yuli Sumpil on the competition day entering field with throwing money to football player. It’s not good attitude on the fair play rule. And the impact of it all is aremania can’t enter stadium.
That is the poor thing what happened in Malang on the last few year. I wrote this case only for explain what happen on malang, behind the beautiful panorama. And also to train my english ability.


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