Coro merupakan bahasa jawa dari kecoak, omong coro bermakna omongan ngelantur tapi dapat dinyatakan jujur. Maka ketenangan serupa apa lagi yang dicari di dunia yang fana ini selain kejujuran. Tulisan berikut merupakan contoh dari omong coro.

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Thursday 13 April 2017

Kampung Coklat

Today i will write an article on english. After a long time did not write article on english. Now i will tell you about Kampung Coklat. Kampung Coklat means chocolate village in english. Yesterday I went to Kampung Coklat with my family. Kampung Coklat is an edu-tourism destination in Kademangan, Blitar. There, we can learn about chocolate. At first Kampung Coklat has only 4 acres of chocolate field in this village. This chocolate field owned by the peasants of kademangan. After many years, the farmer organization have initiatives to build new concept about this place. It is for making more visitor to this place. After that, they build an edu-tourism village with name Kampung Coklat. The address of Kampung Coklat is on Banteng Blorok Street No. 18, Plosorejo Village, Subdistrict Kademangan, District Blitar.

The facility there is so complete. With large parking area, so if visitors group come here by bus, the parking area can accomodate it. If you need to take some maney from ATM, you can take on the ATM behind the tuorism area. If we get into its tunnel that contains the history of chocolate. The story with picture like comic. The story telling start from rural america that go to indonesia, it can add our knowledge about the history of chocolate. After passing through the tunnel, we have to buy a ticket at the counter and come into the field area. In the field area we can selfie with chocolate tree, but do’t pick or touch the fruit. You can sit down on some chairs in this area. It’s like a very big cafe with many menu from chocolate. We can request on the counter that provides the menu. The menu includes chocolate noodle, banana fries with chocolate, etc.

On the left wing of Kampung Coklat, we can found playground with swimming pool area. In this playground you can found five playing areas for kid, including swimming pool area. For adult you can selfie on an artificial palace on the side of the swimming pool. On the other side, you can find many chairs and tables in garden and music stage. So, you can enjoy your requested menu and listen to music on the stage. One more thing, in there you can get fish theraphy. it’s not free but you must try this. With low price, only Rp.5.000 without time limit. That’s my review of Kampung Coklat in Blitar, East Java, Indonesia. Please tell me if you have anything to discuss. I’m gladly listen to your critics and suggestion. Thanks for reading my article.


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